Option #2

The Door of the Seeker

If you're ready to get your hands gloriously dirty in metaphorical ink, then choose the Door of the Seeker. In addition to the lectures and PDFs, this door leads you to a live, intimate critique session where we'll discuss your work in depth, alongside your peers. You'll get notes and feedback from Sara and Brittany and your workshop-mates. If you choose this door, be sure to block off all afternoon on both July 31st and August 1st and guard that time fiercely so that we can make your manuscript shine together.

This course is closed for enrollment.

This Option Includes:

Live Lecture #1 - "How To Retell a Fairy Tale" - In our last workshop, we talked about retelling fairy tales... what works, what doesn't... but this time, we're actually going to give you strategies and techniques for starting to write one of your very own!

Live Lecture #2 - "How to Write an Ekphrastic Art Poem" - This second live video lecture will be a practical guide to writing your own ekphrastic poems - poems based on another piece of art. Plus we'll create one together LIVE!

A Retelling Fairy Tales PDF Guide AND An Art Poetry PDF Guide - Two beautifully designed guides full of resources!

A Booklet of 5 Writing Quests - A PDF booklet containing 5 writing quests that you'll get access to immediately upon signing up. These quests will get you excited and thinking about folklore and writing while you wait for the workshop on the 31st!

Access to Our Private Workshop Group on Facebook - Join your classmates in discussing the lectures, sharing quests, and making friends!

Intimate, Live Critique (MAX 12) - In two live sessions on August 1st, the day after the main workshop, you’ll gather with Sara, Brittany, and your classmates to discuss your own work in a guided critique session. You’ll leave armed with feedback to take your work to the next level, plus useful insights from hearing other pieces discussed. There is nothing quite like a live critique session, and if you haven't experienced one before you're in for a treat - but hurry, this option sold out last time!!

Workshop Timeline

For The Seeker

July 23rd:

Enrollment for the CARMINA closes at MIDNIGHT EDT.

July 24th:

Deadline to submit a manuscript to Sara and Brittany at [email protected] by midnight (EDT). Please also let us know what kind of feedback is most useful to you. Do you only want to hear what people liked? What we think worked and what didn’t? Is there a particular issue you’d like help solving? Anything you feel especially vulnerable about? Please note that this statement will be shared with the other members of the workshop so that they can be on the same page and be as useful as possible to you, too! 

July 25th:

You will receive the manuscripts of your classmates! You’ll also receive a short guide from Sara and Brittany on how to make the most of reading week and the workshop. Please give your classmate’s manuscripts the same attention and care that you want your own work to receive.

July 26th-30th:

Reading days! You should use this time to read and take notes on your classmates' manuscripts.

July 31st:

CARMINA takes place live!

(All times listed are EDT!)


All links and PDFs will be emailed and posted on Teachable

12pm - 1pm:

Live Video Lecture #1 - "How To Retell a Fairy Tale"

1pm - 3pm:


3pm - 4pm:

Live Video Lecture #2 - How to Write an Ekphrastic Art Poem

August 1st:

Critique sessions will run from 12PM to 5PM, with a break in the middle

A Few Community Guidelines

Critiquing sessions where you're reading and discussing a writer’s work are powerful but vulnerable experiences. And we want you to have the best experience (super) humanly possible. To make that happen, we ask that you:

  •  Lead with kindness and respect
  •  Listen to what kind of feedback your classmates want and honor their requests
  •  Avoid evaluative statements (“I liked”/ “I didn’t like”). Instead, make observations about what’s in the manuscript and ask lots of questions!
  •  Put the same care into reading, taking notes, and commenting on your classmate’s work that you want to receive from them.

Content Warnings:

Sometimes, writing grapples with delicate, even triggering topics, and that can be incredibly powerful or healing. If you manuscript contains violence, explicit sexual content, or other especially emotional topics, please include a content warning with your submission.

The Carterhaugh community is amazing, and we don’t think this will come up because y’all are fabulous, but just so it is on paper and official: manuscripts that perpetuate sexism, racism, or otherwise demean vulnerable people are not welcome and will not be workshopped.